I thought I might just write a letter
Anything to stay away
From books and lessons today
Besides it’s part of my induction
Into the literate world
I am a literate girl

Musicians, please take heed - God Help The Girl (2014)

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Hey guys! Since it’s October — I thought I’d share this link to watch The Uninvited online (ya know… ‘cause horror movies and all that). I stumbled upon it by accident, (by clicking a link from another user in a post about their favorite movies and where to watch them) so please don’t send any messages in about where you can watch other Em movies online! As I do not have any more. But, I hope everyone enjoys regardless! Happy October, everyone.


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I think I’m more drawn to dark roles. I don’t want to do just movies where I look pretty and say dumb stuff.
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тaιnтedgray'ѕ 31 dayѕ oғ нalloween → the uninvited

“We survive by remembering. But sometimes… we survive by forgetting.

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Plush (2013) dir. Catherine Hardwicke

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