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Do you know where I can download *insert-movie-here*?

We’re all a bit busy for now; but I will try my best to compile a separate download page for you guys!

Who runs this blog?

Do you guys still have room for member application?

I have these stupid abandonment issues so please if you do apply, make sure that you will stay with running the blog, or at least try to drop in every once in a while. - potterdude

Is Emily seeing anybody right now?
The rumors about her and Xavier Samuel are pretty strong ever since they started filming Plush (2013).

What’s Emily’s Twitter/Facebook/Instagram?
Emily doesn’t have a Twitter or Instagram and her Facebook is private.

How tall is Emily?
She’s about 5’2”. For complete stats, please click here.

Can you explain the ending of Sleeping Beauty for me?

What projects is she currently working on?

  1. Unreleased (yet): God Help the Girl.
  2. On production: BattlecreekCassie and JudeSacred CountryShangri-La Suite, and Legend.

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