[When asked about “raunchy” celebs like Miley, Rihanna, and Gaga] I’m not a fan of people and society policing women’s sexuality. I think it’s nice for girls to see an array of different women expressing their sexuality in lots of different ways.
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smiling_for_money: #TBT Take me back pt. 2: Birthday Edition.

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God Help The Girl |  Come Monday Night
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God Help the Girl clip - ‘Come Monday Night’

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Emily Browning in Plush ( 2013. )

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Last day of filming on ‘Legend’ via tomhardyvariations

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I’d rather make an interesting film that gets people talking, that maybe some people hate, than make the kind of ‘entertaining’ film that everyone feels ambivalent about.

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Best thing about having a website. Seeing all the movies. God Help the Girl opens Sept 12 at The Roxie. Screener says “All Rights Reserved. All Wrongs Avenged.” (x)

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