Emily Browning on Huffpost Live (God Help The Girl interview) x

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Click to watch and if anyone can record/save it since we’re not sure that it will be saved, that would be awesome! 
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endless list of favorite movies: the uninvited (2009)

"we survive by remembering. but sometimes we survive by forgetting."
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"Enzo takes out his guitar from his red velvet lined case and puts it on. His fingers speed everywhere: beautiful electric soliloquies of magic and sadness and fun, if that’s all possible.

He’s always looking down, but sometimes his eyes sneak a thief look at me. Maybe to see how I like it? Waves of confusion fall over me. He is magnetizing me… We touch our backs together on accident sometimes when he’s playing and I’m singing… Electricity. So much electiricity…

I go to the mic. On fire. Every cell in me is on fire. I sing so full of passion, trying to hold it together when all I want to do is go to bed with him.”

 Violet Baudelaire . A Series of Unfortunate Events
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