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“Just put the lipstick on.” His grip is harder than a man drowning at sea. My tiny arm is crushed.
“Hey!” Someone yells. We both turn, the god Enzo is standing there. Black knight in amour. My black prince.

“She says she doesn’t wear black lipstick…”

Enzo shoves the fan hard. His arm is on me; he leads me up, up, and way up the stairs, and that crazy guy is running up behind us…
We run down the hall and whip around the corner. Enzo pushes us into a closet and shoves me against the door, our bodies holding it shut. His pale, strong, beautiful hand smothers my mouth. Too hard. I gasp. Oh. My heart beats. He’s pressing into me. He’s staring down into the endless angst of my soul. I feel at this moment I will do anything Enzo tells me to do. I want to surrender into his strength.
Something in the corner falls. I try to jump and scream, but Enzo shoves me harder against the wall. His breath on me, lulling me.

“One of us must have magic powers,” he whispers. We are frozen in this moment together, night in the land of endless nights.

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[ T A I N T E D G R A Y ' S  G I F  P A C K S ]

E m i l y  B r o w n i n g #34

               the following gifs are for roleplaying purposes only, please do not repost, edit in any way, add to gif hunts, use in rp bio’s, etc. You may, however, use them as reaction gifs in replies for roleplaying! That is their purpose. This gif pack contains approximately #50 gifs, all in which were made by me. Some of them do not have watermarks, please respect that. Like or reblog if using. xo

note: this pack may contain spoilers to ‘God Help The Girl’

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I could only wait a few seconds before I had to peek out of my window. The silver car was already there, waiting in Charlie’s spot on the driveway.

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 Emily Browning at the “God Help the Girl” Screening in NYC. (25-08-14)

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When I was a teenager, I thought that love was drama and fireworks and the fact that you’d bleed for each other, but now I feel like love is when the person you’re with really wants you to be the best version of yourself and you want the same for them and you can sit at home watching True Detective together for like five hours and be completely disgusting.

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The Psychiatrist is in

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