Anonymous: i read that emily smokes american spirit. but i'm not sure about the cigarette in the picture :)
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Anonymous: that ciggerette that emily is holding the photo you just reblogged is huge!! i've never one so fat! Lol idk if you know but do you think she rolled that herself or can you buy them like that? X


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Anonymous: hey. do you like max or xavier more with emily and why?

I have no preferences on who Emily is with, to be honest! As long as she’s happy in her relationship, that’s all that matters to me.

- Sam

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queenmachine: Have you seen magic magic? And was plush any good?

Hey! Sam here. Magic Magic was very different in my opinion, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It’s hard to say whether or not you’ll like it, because I’m not 100% on what you look for in a movie. But like I said, it was very different. I’d recommend giving it a try, though!

I’m a huge Plush fan, personally. I loved every moment of that movie, the entire cast did such an incredible job. Definitely add that to your watch list.

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Anonymous: is emilybrowningoffical really em's instagram?

It’s a fan account. :)

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babydoll--xx: Tomorrow is emilys birthday ! Anything special that you gonna do for tomorrow ? 💗♐️


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Anonymous: did emily lose weight for a role?

Emily is a petite lady so she rarely is required to lose a pound or two for a role. But for Sucker Punch though, she inevitably grew lighter because of the intense training and etc. Never have we ever heard here in FYEB that she had to be thinner for a role, even for God Help the Girl where her character, Eve, is supposed to be an anorexic hospital-recoveree (is that a word?). In fact, they used special effects for that.

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Anonymous: I always thought Emily was from the UK not Australia lol Idk why I just assumed that.


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Anonymous: hey i wanted to cut my hair like emily's in plush, do you have any picture that would be helpful for the hairstylist? and i love your blog *-*

Hey there, Sam here! Hm, from what I can find, these pictures might be helpful - [x] [x] [x]

Hope those work for you — and thanks for the love!

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tumblr hate is so 2009 omg give it a rest ok

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