Anonymous: Why did Emily consider The Uninvited to be such a bad experience?


She hasn’t really commented on it besides saying it was really cold and she was in shorts for most of the film. As a result, she got at sick at one point and held up the shoot for two weeks. I also don’t think she got along with the directors and some of the cast very well. Like whenever she was asked about how working with Elizabeth Banks or David Strathaim was she would say she didn’t really get a chance to work with them. but she did… so she was probably just trying not to talk shit, y’know? She was supposed to play Alex but the directors pretty much pressured her into playing Anna and then later said she couldn’t take direction very well lol. 

and playing a paranoid schizophrenic must have been pretty emotionally exhausting.

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Anonymous: what bad experience did emily have while filming the uninvited?

Hey there — Sam here! Though we can’t exactly speak for her, and I’ve only read rumors and a few interviews, here’s what I’ve collected. She originally wanted the role of Alex, however was pushed into the role of Anna. There were times where they had to shoot scenes at 3 am, and Emily explained they were overly-tired and delirious during such moments (though further in her explanation, she claims that looking back on it, it was a fun experience.)

You can read more about what Em has said about her experience with The Uninvited at the following links. [x] [x] [x]

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Anonymous: Has Pompeii already been released in cinemas/on dvd? x

Hey, there! Sam here.

Unfortunately, nope! According to a few different sources, it won’t be out in theaters until February 2014. From what I’ve read, they don’t have a set date for the DVD release — but as soon as we find out, we’ll let everyone know! :]

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braziliandoll: i want the plush ost for download :(

hey ellen! potterdude here. i would very much like to share the soundtrack with you guys (even illegally because:

image, unlike sam here who’s so uptight about issues like getting our bubble butts locked up or something idek tbh [sam ily to pcs ok but yeah i’m the cooler mom]!) but the thing is, i am just so so so broke rn. I HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN PLUSH THE MOVIE ITSELF (it’s out in iTunes now btw, QUICK PLUGIN: BUY THE MOVIE NOW TO SUPPORT OUR BELOVED EMILY!!!!!!! link here: [x]) however, i will update you guys if ever i scrape some filthy cash somewhere somehow!

this has been an edit by Sam; I just want you guys to support the film and soundtrack and whatnot since Plush is seemingly low key. Support them the best you can, is all I’m saying!

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Anonymous: is there a link online to watch Plush?

Answered here!

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Anonymous: do you have any links to watch or download Plush? :)

Sorry, nope! Right now your best bet to watch it would be buying it on iTunes! We recommend supporting the movie that way instead of pirating or downloading it.

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Anonymous: /post/62007966709/emily-browning-as-hayley-st-claire-in-plush what texture you use in? :)

Right here! [x]

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Anonymous: Any other movies your going to be doing? :)

what the faq.

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Anonymous: Do you have an gif sets of baby doll fighting the first warriors after netting wise man?

I think we’ve reblogged a bunch of them already, they’re all in the tagged/sucker punch section, but that tag is like a big soup of sucker punch posts so you have to manually search for the gif sets that you like (like this post, this was the first of it and I found it at page 7). I hope this has been helpful!

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