Anonymous: Has Pompeii already been released in cinemas/on dvd? x

Hey, there! Sam here.

Unfortunately, nope! According to a few different sources, it won’t be out in theaters until February 2014. From what I’ve read, they don’t have a set date for the DVD release — but as soon as we find out, we’ll let everyone know! :]

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braziliandoll: i want the plush ost for download :(

hey ellen! potterdude here. i would very much like to share the soundtrack with you guys (even illegally because:

image, unlike sam here who’s so uptight about issues like getting our bubble butts locked up or something idek tbh [sam ily to pcs ok but yeah i’m the cooler mom]!) but the thing is, i am just so so so broke rn. I HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN PLUSH THE MOVIE ITSELF (it’s out in iTunes now btw, QUICK PLUGIN: BUY THE MOVIE NOW TO SUPPORT OUR BELOVED EMILY!!!!!!! link here: [x]) however, i will update you guys if ever i scrape some filthy cash somewhere somehow!

this has been an edit by Sam; I just want you guys to support the film and soundtrack and whatnot since Plush is seemingly low key. Support them the best you can, is all I’m saying!

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Anonymous: is there a link online to watch Plush?

Answered here!

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Anonymous: do you have any links to watch or download Plush? :)

Sorry, nope! Right now your best bet to watch it would be buying it on iTunes! We recommend supporting the movie that way instead of pirating or downloading it.

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Anonymous: /post/62007966709/emily-browning-as-hayley-st-claire-in-plush what texture you use in? :)

Right here! [x]

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Anonymous: Any other movies your going to be doing? :)

what the faq.

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Anonymous: Do you have an gif sets of baby doll fighting the first warriors after netting wise man?

I think we’ve reblogged a bunch of them already, they’re all in the tagged/sucker punch section, but that tag is like a big soup of sucker punch posts so you have to manually search for the gif sets that you like (like this post, this was the first of it and I found it at page 7). I hope this has been helpful!

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Anonymous: Who the fuck are you?


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Anonymous: Is Plush out in theaters in the US?


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