Anonymous: Who the fuck are you?


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Anonymous: Is Plush out in theaters in the US?


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ecinuepay: why did max and emily broke up? who is emily's current boyfriend?
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leftussilent: do you know when i could see plush in Australia? i can't find a date anywhere. thank you! x

Unfortunately Plush is planned to be theatrically released only in the U.S. The rest of the world will have to wait until Oct. 15 for the DVD/VOD.

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Anonymous: Do you know how long Plush will be in the theaters?


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Anonymous: What movie is that from with the quote "I keep wanting to chew off my own fingers and randomly kill people"?

It’s from “The Scorch Trials,” the 2nd book of The Maze Runner trilogy by James Dashner.

Anonymous: omg u guys totally ripped off emilybrowningfans with ur plush theme


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lasercatbiff: Is plush a drama or a thriller? The trailer seems like it could be a thriller but idk what's your take?

Nah man. They’ve totally made it seem like Enzo (Xavier’s role) was a psychopath killer who has a thing for blondes so yeah Hayley (Em’s character) is definitely gonna get her ass hacked up to pieces. It’s rated as (erotic) thriller.

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Anonymous: I can't seem to find the trailer of Plush but apparently it's somewhere somehow. Do you know where?

There are two trailers. The first one was removed everywhere (and we attempted to reupload it but they took that one down too because of legal reasons). Here’s the second one: [x]

Please feel free to view, but we ask you not to repost it elsewhere because this might jeopardize the screening process of the film (or so we’ve been just told).

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jamesthegill: Has the rating for Plush been announced yet, please?

Plush is rated R for its erotic thriller theme.

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