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A blog dedicated to the wonderful Aussie actress Emily Jane Browning, best known for her roles as Violet Baudelaire in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, as Anna Ivers in The Uninvited, and as Babydoll in Sucker Punch.
Hi, I've been following your blog for a while and I want to say thanks for all the awesome pictures and stuff related to Emily Browning. Most other blogs just die out after I follow them. So thanks! :)

You “Asked” in a critical moment, sir. Right now, I am so preoccupied with the university summer program that I barely can Queue anything anymore but thank you so so much for this! I needed this. Thanks! We’ll do our best to keep FYEB! running.

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trigger warning ED, please

This is a legit question tho: What do you mean by ED? I first thought of it as erectile dysfunction tbh smh.


  1. sarahmannings: yes, thank you! good to know!
  2. twoheartedboy: u lucky b*tch! (kidding again :D)
  3. alittlelost: omg the photo was urs?! how-? ><
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what does Ems tattoo say?

I know la-romanesca gave a substantial answer to this, but I checked the FAQs and Answered messages links and I found none so here goes a section where Flaunt magazine explained it quite enchantingly:

It’s part of a longer quotation from the celebrated late choreographer Martha Graham that says, “…a blessed unrest that keeps us marching…” The full phrase, before and after what she’s permanently branded herself with, speaks of “a queer divine satisfaction” in how restlessness “makes us more alive than the others.”
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Emily ended even with the Max? D:


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whats emily got to do with The Host?

SPOILER ALERT. Please scroll past this post if you don’t want to read anything that will spoil The Host for you.

Em is playing Pet in The Host. The novel is about the Souls basically taking over Earth and “stealing” the bodies of humans to become their “hosts.” Wanderer (a.k.a. Wanda) is a soul appointed to Melanie Stryder’s body- a human girl who is a part of the human resistance. Wanda is supposed to dig out information for the Seekers (souls who hunt the remaining humans) to use, but she realizes that day by day Melanie is still resisting inside the body. A lot of things pick up from then up to the point that Wanda decides to give Mel’s body back. Unbeknownst to Wanda, the human resistance tried to find her another body to use, & they found Pet.

actually there are some news: emilybrowningfans just posted some stamps of critics and comments about the movie by some people ;) and thanks to that now i'm way more curious than I was before.

Yeah, I’ve seen that too. Thanks! Here you go ecccc.


Can anyone provide more details about the screening of PLUSH in LA? Were there a lot of people? How did it go?

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Where does Emily live?

  1. If you mean where she’s originally from (and comes back after every film she finishes), the answer’s MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA.
  2. If you mean where she is living right now, I seriously have no idea. It’s all confusing, tbh. My biggest hunch rn is that she’s in the continental U.K, starting the production of Cassie&Judy or Sacred Country.
Do you know Emily's haircut when she had about chin-length brown hair with purple/lilac ends? I want to show that to my hairdresser, but I can only find one good picture of it, so I was wondering if you had any more? Thanks & I love this blog! <3

Yes, I do recognize that. I hope you hadn’t had your haircut yet, ‘cause here’s a video of her on it [x]. You can screencap to your heart’s content.

But if you mean this one (which imo is just identical to the video-but then again what does a dude know right) :


here’s the only album that I could find [x]. I think what you are looking for is the back part of the haircut? Yeah, that’s pretty tough to find, much more just visualize.