Anonymous: any ideas as to if Magic Magic is gonna be on DVD in England anytime soon?

@emilybrowningfans said that it’ll be released at the 28th, but I’m not sure about this (‘cause I’m not seeing information too).

#Magic Magic had a theatrical release last June 23-24 in Edinburgh ijs #ok dont get mad at me but i just dont understand: why not just get it off amazon or itunes or ebay

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Anonymous: I always assumed she went to the red riding hood premiere because of Max, why was she there then? Was it just random lol?

That’s what I thought so too! But I did my research/investigation, and if you will trace Em back to the Red Riding Hood premiere (March 7), you will notice that she arrived there alone. And the closest event that we see her again is at the Sucker Punch premiere, which was March 23 and, if you will check the photos, she’s already with Max- implying that they’ve certainly met at the RRH premiere and maybe they hit it off from there on. I’m not sure either why she’s there, I just think that celebs just go to random movie premieres just cause they can. #although i have this crazy theory that she’s trying to outshine amanda seyfried that night bec remember seyfried was orignally babydoll so #side note: am i a good detective or what

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Anonymous: why did max and emily broke up? who is emily's current boyfriend?

The reason is unbeknownst to the public. Em is so private about her life that we can only guess the reason- well unless she talks about it in the future. She’s currently dating Xavier Samuel.

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Anonymous: did emily and max date for a long time?


They met at the Red Riding Hood premiere (March 2011) and broke up at around summer of 2012.

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Anonymous: omg I'm actually going insane it is IMPOSSIBLE to get Magic, Magic ANYWHERE in the UK, like it's as if the UK has no idea about this movie at all, Juno Temple is fucking english like what the hell woman, do you have any idea where I can get Magic, Magic on DVD here? and not a Region 1 DVD because that fucking sucks, sorry for the swears

Well basically the DVD release for Magic Magic is still at August 6. It’s not available anywhere yet. Quite literally. But you can pre-order it at a lot of sites (eBay, Amazon, Barnes and Noble) online!

aparnasworld: thanks for blogged my the uninvited pic

we’re honored to feature your graphics in our blog!

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disappointing-people-since1991: Hi, I've been following your blog for a while and I want to say thanks for all the awesome pictures and stuff related to Emily Browning. Most other blogs just die out after I follow them. So thanks! :)

You “Asked” in a critical moment, sir. Right now, I am so preoccupied with the university summer program that I barely can Queue anything anymore but thank you so so much for this! I needed this. Thanks! We’ll do our best to keep FYEB! running.

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Anonymous: trigger warning ED, please

This is a legit question tho: What do you mean by ED? I first thought of it as erectile dysfunction tbh smh.

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  1. sarahmannings: yes, thank you! good to know!
  2. twoheartedboy: u lucky b*tch! (kidding again :D)
  3. alittlelost: omg the photo was urs?! how-? ><
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Anonymous: what does Ems tattoo say?

I know la-romanesca gave a substantial answer to this, but I checked the FAQs and Answered messages links and I found none so here goes a section where Flaunt magazine explained it quite enchantingly:

It’s part of a longer quotation from the celebrated late choreographer Martha Graham that says, “…a blessed unrest that keeps us marching…” The full phrase, before and after what she’s permanently branded herself with, speaks of “a queer divine satisfaction” in how restlessness “makes us more alive than the others.”
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